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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

iversity at Johnson & Johnson is about the unique perspective of our employees. It’s about them, their colleagues and the world we care for—all backgrounds, beliefs and the entire range of human experience—coming together. Every person views the world from a unique vantage point; a perspective that gives problem-solving potential ideas, solutions & strategies that, when mobilized, can bring health to billions.

Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson is about creating a deep sense of belonging. It's about a culture where our employees are valued, ideas are heard, and where we collectively advance this culture for everyone.

We’re committed to creating a culture that allows our employees to change the world without changing themselves. Diversity & Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson means—You Belong.

Our Vision: Be yourself—change the world.

Our vision is for every person to use their unique experiences and backgrounds, together—to spark solutions that create a better, healthier world.

Our Mission: Make diversity, equity and inclusion how we work every day.

With the mission to make diversity, equity and inclusion the way of doing business, the company will advance the culture of belonging where open hearts and minds combine to unleash the potential of the brilliant mix of people, in every corner of Johnson & Johnson.

We raise awareness about the special spirit of J&J as a forward-looking, diverse employer. We create a space where different perspectives are encouraged and promoted, from a workforce diverse in ability, age, ethnicity, gender, mental health, race and sexual orientation, as well as in thinking style and personality type.

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We promote equal access to opportunity for all our employees and hold our leaders accountable for embedding a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Our Strategic Pillars

The global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy has three pillars that reflect the strategic priorities we have made to enable the company to address the challenges and opportunities presented by our diverse world.
  • Advance Our Culture of Inclusion and Innovation
    We know that the best ideas, the best solutions, happen when people bring their uniqueness to work with them. Inclusion is an integral part of how we leverage that uniqueness into our company. That’s why we foster a culture of belonging and breakthroughs at Johnson & Johnson.
  • Build a Diverse Workforce for the Future
    We understand that one of the most effective ways of understanding and meeting the needs and desires of our diverse customers and patients is to have a workforce that reflects diversity.
  • Enhance Business Performance and Reputation
    Understanding and serving the needs of diverse patients and customers is simply the way we all must operate to drive innovation and growth and continue to be a thriving and sustainable business.
Johnson & Johnson has five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in the U.K. that connect and engage employees across the company to develop their unique potential, build relationships across the company and foster an inclusive environment and culture for everyone.

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